Are you looking for teepee holidays in Scotland?

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Are you looking for teepee holidays in Scotland? Here is all the information you need.

The only company offering true tepee holidays in Scotland is Loch Tay Highland Lodges. Tepeesare the ultimate camping cabin providing robust and versatile all season accommodation. The Loch Tay Highland Lodges Tepees are perfect for backpacking groups, families and friendly get togethers. This is basic, low budget, value for money accommodation at its very best, and most unique. All the tepeesrequire guests to bring their own pillows, bedding and towels. Electricity is operated with a £1 coin meter. Loch Tay Highland Lodges offer six different types of tepee for you unique camping holiday:

BEN NEVIS Tepee - Sleeps up to 3

Ben Nevis has living room/bedroom with a futon which turns into a double bed and a single chair making a single bed.Coffee table and dining table, shower, small kitchen and a TV.

BEN LOMOND Tepee - Sleeps up to 4

Ben Lomond has two sets of bunk beds giving accommodation for up to 4. There is a shower and small kitchen, three seater settee, coffee table and TV. French windows to the front.

BEN LEDI Tepee - Sleeps up to 4

Ben Ledi has a bed settee making a double bed and two small bunks recessed into the wall of the main room.There is a small kitchen and shower. Outside patio area. Table and chairs. TV.

WENDY HOUSE Tepee - Sleeps up to 6

The largest tepee ( more like a small lodge ) - open plan living room and kitchen. Bed settee in living room making double bed. Coffee table, dining table and chairs, larger kitchen with cooker, fridge, microwave. Separate bedroom with four bunks and shower with WC.

BEN MORE and BEN LAWERS Tepee- Sleep up to 4 in each

Imagine a wooden tent shaped like a pyramid with a front door and a velux window in the roof - these tepees have a raised platform with a mattress on it around three of the inside walls of the tepee, the idea is you just stretch out on the mattresses. Coffee table, fridge and TV also provided.

So there's everything you need to know about teepee holidays in Scotland.

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