Tech Free Resorts

We are constantly absorbed in our electronics whether that be our cell phones, computers or television. It is becoming harder to live in the present as we are bombarded with news and entertainment at every second. Sometimes one of the best things we can do for ourselves is take a break from it all and spend some time going back to the simple pleasures, like nature. Here are some tech-free resorts that may get you back feeling balanced and more intune with yourself.


The Ranch Malibu

While this is a rather far trip to take, The Ranch Malibu is known for being a rejuvenating resort in California. Those that stay here will be able to enjoy the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains while participating in yoga and fitness classes or hiking around in the mountains. You are put on a vegetarian diet that only consists of fresh organic food that is locally grown, but the best part is, there is no Wi-Fi. It is a great way to get unplugged and re-energized.


Jade Mountain Resort

Another top resort is the open air Jade Mountain Resort in southern Caribbean. This is in Soufriere, St. Lucia and is picturesque whichever way you look. While relaxing in the infinity pool, take in St. Lucia’s twin Pitons Peaks and reconnect with the simple pleasures. Here you will not find any telephones, TV’s or any form of electronics. Rather than stress about what people are posting on Facebook, enjoy a stroll on the volcanic sand beach below.


Rhino Post Safari Lodge

If relaxing in a hot tub and getting massages does not sound appealing, no problem. Why not leave the cell phone at home and head to Kruger National Park in South Africa. One of the best ways to digital detox is by being close with nature and it doesn’t get much closer than this. One of the Lodges that offer a detox package is Rhino Post Safari Lodge. You won’t find any reception or Wi-Fi in this neck of the woods.


Life house Spa and Hotel

Thankfully you do not have to travel halfway across the world to get have a break from technology though. The Lifehouse Spa and Hotel in Essex offers a wonderful retreat with 12 acres of land for guests to enjoy. There is a tech free policy so you won’t have to worry about being disrupted by Social Media. It is the perfect place to escape to.


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