Alternatives to Tax Free Flights to Florida

If you're planning on looking for tax free flights to Florida you'll be disappointed to find out that there are none available at any travel agent or airline carrier. Tax free flights are very rare and difficult to find since they’re not often offered by any company, but only in special occasions such as promotional campaigns. Nevertheless you can find the cheapest deals by comparing prices online. In this case, here are some of the best deals that can come realy close to a tax free flight in price.

London – Orlando

Continental Airlines is currently offering a £1367 deal for a flight ticket from London to Florida in economy class. The flight includes one stop in Dublin Airport. Take in consideration that all air carriers change their prices every day, sometimes with some hours difference due to availability. This price is available for departing in August 6. Prices around this date shouldn’t differ much from this price.

Manchester – Orlando

You can find a £977 deal for a flight from Manchester to Orlando at American Airlines in economy class. The flight includes one stop in Philadelphia after 7 hours of flight. This stop is programmed to last for 1 hour and 55 minutes, since passengers will be moved to a different airplane. The total duration of the flight is approximately 12 hours. This price is available for early August. Remember to double check prices and availability before buying any ticket.

London – Orlando

If you’re planning on travelling to Orlando this July you’ll find an even cheaper deal of £822 for the route London to Orlando in economy class. This price is available starting on the third week of July. You’ll be catching an American Airlines plane, on a flight that includes a two hours stop in Manchester. The total flight time is programmed to last 12 hours.

We hope this has helped you find tax free flights to Florida!

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