Tango in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Over the past decade, Buenos Aires, often termed the 'Paris of the South', has aroused growing interest amongst the travel savvy, attracted by its cosmopolitan feel, lively buzz and friendly, individual inhabitants.

Long home to a vibrant cultural scene of theatres, art galleries, live music, bars and restaurants, an added draw is the increasing popularity amongst non-locals of the passionate and elegant tango. Few visitors to the city leave without attending a 'milonga', or public tango dance, reports the BBC.

Whether you just want to watch or join in, head to the Barrancas de Belgrano park for tango al fresco, where 'milongueros' of all ages strut their stuff. If you go alone be prepared to be swept off your feet by an enthusiast looking for a partner.

Or try the San Telmo area, the oldest barrio in Buenos Aires with cobbled streets, crumbling colonial and art nouveau architecture, trendy bars and traditional cafes. The Moliere Café not only serves excellent food but also has tango performances while you dine. On Sunday evenings, locals dance the tango in the area’s Plaza Dorrego.

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