Taking the Piste at the Altitude Festival

The Altitude Festival – a dizzying combination of hectic skiing and snowboarding by day with a full-on après ski of comedy and music each night – is as popular with the Irish as it is with the British – probably because they’re the only nations that can actually laugh at themselves. And there’s plenty to laugh at.....

The grand folly that is The Altitude Festival was launched three years ago when the world was heading into the worst economic recession for the last 70 years – timed to perfection. Méribel, in the Swiss Alps is perfect for Altitude. There are plenty of large capacity bars, a 350-seater theatre and a reputation among Irish and British skiers for being accessible and friendly, and not as haughty and snooty as other nearby ski resorts. Best of all, the ‘Chelsea tractor’ crowd are far, far away in the likes of Verbier, being snooty among themselves.

This year DJ Yoda and Barry Ashworth will be handling turntable duties, while the laughs will be delivered by Al Murray, Colm Murphy, Ian Coppinger and Rich Hall, among others. Hopes are that Mr. Eddie Izzard will be making an appearance and doing one of his ‘Franglais’ shows in English and French.

Altitude Festival is on March 20th-26th, AltitudeFestival.

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