Take the ferry to France

Car ferry France Poole are ever-popular as a quick and easy way to get to the Continent, whether you stop in France or carry on driving across into Europe. No airport hassle or worries about luggage allowance when you take your own car. Just fill it to the brim with everything you may need for your trip and climb in.

Poole in Dorset has the second largest natural harbour in the world and therefore is a busy ferry terminal. Crossings available are to Cherbourg and St Malo in Northern France. crossings are operated regularly particularly in the peak season from March to October and are extremely popular with travellers to France.

Whether you are planning on stopping off near to the destination port or heading further into France or possibly even another European country, the crossing from Poole is a convenient and reasonably priced one. Prices typically start at £77 for a return passage from Poole to Cherbourg with a car plus two passengers and the ferry companies often promote special deals.

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