Take the Basque route straight from the Ferry

Ferries depart from Portsmouth to Bilbao in Spain every three days. From here, you’ve got Madrid only three hours drive, and Barcelona six. However be advised that P&O Ferries will be withdrawing this service in September. Check poferries.com for more details. But you haven’t come to the Basque Country just to leave it.

Instead, head south through Bilbao on the B1623 via a spectacular mountain pass to Vitoria-Gasteiz, turning east for Pamplona - just not during the San Fermin festival – you’re likely to have a large and angry bull chasing you into the passenger seat.

From Pamplona, the N-135 leads through the Pyrenees into France via the historic Roncesvalles pass. The views become more distracting... and the corners more demanding – again, much easier without the bull sitting beside you!

The D918 through the foothills provides another sequence of panoramas before you pick up the scent of the sea to Biarritz - where France’s rich, famous and scantily clad practice their best poses.

On the return route, zip through the Cantabrian mountains, with the Bay of Biscay below on your right.

And don’t forget to drive on the right – right?!

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