Take advantage of holiday price reductions in Greece.

Travellers heading for one of the countries whose economies are suffering will find a wide range of enticing deals, and Greece is no exception, reports the New York Times. ‘There was an instantaneous drop in prices’ after news of a bailout last May, said Pavlos Yeroulanos, minister of culture and tourism for Greece. And to attract tourists this year, the Greek Parliament reduced V.A.T. (value-added tax) charged on hotel bills from 11 percent to 6.5 percent, which is an additional saving for visitors.

Even before the tax cut, hotel rooms were around 12 percent cheaper, according to American Express Travel. Up market properties have also slashed their prices so check out the Blue Palace Resort & Spa or the Elounda Beach Hotel and 'Villas in Crete' for interesting deals. TabletHotels.com even reported a drop of 25 percent in rates so check their easy-to-use web site for discounted accommodation in Greece.

For example, the trendy Periscope boutique hotel in Athens, is offering double rooms from €145 euros per night in June on TabletHotels.com, down from €186 euros. And get between 10 and 20 percent off excursions from Athens, such as a two-day trip to visit the cliff-top monasteries of Meteora if you book through Viator.com.

If you’re worried about strikes and protests disrupting your holiday, follow the advice of a local travel agent and keep to the islands which ‘remain virtually unaffected by rioting. The old men still sit in the village square drinking ouzo and playing with their worry beads’, he said.

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