Take a weekend break in Somerset, one of England’s most beautiful counties.

Coleridge came to Somerset in 1797 to live a simple life, grow food for his family and write poetry. He lived in a cottage in the village of Nether Stowey at the foot of the Quantock Hills and his old home is now a National Trust-owned museum dedicated to the legendary Romantic Poet.

It is also the start of a 36 mile walk which takes in Alfoxton, where Wordsworth rented a cottage (now the Alfoxton Park Hotel) and the two poets worked together, and the port of Watchet, where Coleridge wrote the Famous 'Rime of the Ancient Mariner'. The walk ends at a farm near Pollock where he wrote the opium inspired 'Kubla Khan'.

The walk takes most of us around four days so take advantage of the attractive farmhouses and cottages offering great B&B accommodation en route. The Quantocks is a fabulous area topped with some of the best heather moorland in the South and is home to a red deer population.

It’s an easy drive on the M5 or M4 but if you prefer not to get stuck in a weekend traffic jam, let the train take the strain and from Reading to Taunton, enjoy one of the best railway journeys in southern England, travelling through empty countryside that makes you forget you live in built-up Britain.

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