Take a weekend break in Bruges: lots to offer and so easy to get to.

For many of us, Bruges was our first school trip abroad. An almost fairy-tale medieval city, quaint and pretty with cobbled streets and canals and close to home, it made the perfect destination.

It still does. The picturesque canals, cobbled streets and clock towers remain, but quite a few years on, our spending power has hopefully developed and our interest in food become more refined. So if you haven’t been back since the sixth form, now’s the time to go, as the country’s cuisine has taken quite a few steps forward, while remaining loyal to its culinary traditions, reports the Guardian.

Try the beer-based flemish stew or the bouillabaisse at the excellent, but unpretentious, Den Huzaar bistro (denhuzaar.be), open Fridays to Tuesdays only. The vol-au-vents and fried goose liver are also excellent. Alternatively, opt for what many consider to be Bruges' best restuarant, Pieter Pourbus (pieterpourbus.com), which serves excellent steak. Take a look at the fresh, north-European seafood such as shrimps, prawns and Belgian moules, at the Vismarkt (fish market), which is just over the canal from Market Square. If you like what you see, take a seat in one of the nearby fish restaurants and enjoy a fish lunch or supper.

Eurostar travels daily to Brussels, from around £70 return. The price includes a free connecting train to Bruges.

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