Take a tour of Turkey

First things first make sure you get yourself an intestine sandwich. It is usually sheep's (so I'm lead to believe). They take the intestine out of a sheep, they lightly broil it, give it a quick fry, stick it in a bun and hand it over, all for less than the price of a Mars Bar (and several times better for you). A sheep’s intestine does exactly what it says it will do, slide about on bread, taste vaguely meaty and overly sweaty and fill you up good and proper. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction of knowing you’ve just consumed a local delicacy that your mouth won’t let you forget. Ever.

If you’re vegetarian, well, you’re missing out, but then you must realise that every time someone says bacon.

Other things to try in Turkey include, speaking Turkish. Getting whistled at (except it’s not really whistling, more a kind of aggressive hiss, sort of noise and angry cobra might make if you trod on it’s toes), and dancing. They love to dance (don’t we all). Go to Turkeyit’s nutritious, hissing fun.

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