Take a Tokyo Holiday

To begin your Tokyo holidays, climb aboard the Kasai Rinkai Koen Ferris Wheel and watch Mt. Fuji, Tokyo Bay, and Tokyo Disneyland unfold below.

Standing 333 metres tall is the Tokyo Tower, where you can have a drink and listen to live bossa nova while taking in the view of this spectacular city. From the Noboryou Pass (so-called because it resembles a flying dragon), you can see the island of Hachijojima with its waterfalls, fields of freesia, and glow-in-the-dark mushrooms.

What was once a ritual to prove man’s strength to the Shinto gods is a sport that has enthralled Westerners for centuries. The Sumo wrestling hub is in Ryogoku, where fans pack the 10,000-seat sumo stadium for the 15-day tournaments in January, May, and September.

Visit the man-made island of Odaiba, where interesting sites abound, including the ship-shaped Museum of Maritime Science, the Mega Web Toyota showroom, and the Odaiba Kaihin Park beaches.

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Catch a kabuki show at the Kabuki-za theatre, where each play is presented with dance, a geisha performance, and music from the guitar-like shamisen. Tales of gods, princesses, and warriors are part of the repertoire.

An order of sashimi and sushi is a must on your Tokyo holiday, but don't miss out on other local delicacies. A sumo wrestlers’ favourite, chanko-nabe, is a vegetable, seafood, and meat soup, and most restaurants put their own touch on this Japanese specialty. Taste the tsukudani, tiny sweet-and-salty fish which are preserved in soy sauce and rice wine. Don't forget a dab of wasabi for a quick spicy zing. For dessert, have some ningyo-yaki, small cakes shaped like gods and cartoon characters. Enjoy your meal with a cup of sayama cha, or green tea.

End the day with a relaxing bath in the hot springs, said to have healing properties. Try the ones in Iwakaura, Kouzushima, or Hinode Mitsuzawa Tsuru-tsuru.

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