Take a look at some information on Haven Park holidays

With the economic crisis in full swing more and more holiday makers are looking for cheaper alternatives to the traditional summer foreign holiday. This is especially true of those with young families as the cost for both adults and children is becoming increasingly more prohibitive. Due to this, families are staying in Great Britain and trying out the nations caravan parks. Of the caravan parks littered across Great Britain, Haven Parks is one of the most famous. In the caravan park trade for over 40 years Haven Parks offers a wealth of experience allowing them to offer a truly memorable family holiday. So let’s take a look at what is on offer from Haven Park holidays.


There are 35 Haven Parks dotted along the British coast line and because of this each park can offer easy access to their respective local beaches. But this is not the only water fun the parks can offer as they all boast fantastic indoor and outdoor swimming pools of the highest standard. Great facilities for fun in the water is not all they provide as laser tag,archery,adventure golf and wall climbing are just of few of the other fantastic activities that are on offer for all the family.

Accommodation and Rates

Haven Parks offer a number a number of types of accommodation for your stay. There are the traditional chalets and apartments but also they offer a varied array of caravans as well, ranging from the basic economy package, to the luxurious “exclusive caravan” range. To illustrate how fantastic a money saver a summer holiday in Haven Parks can be, staying in one of their Superior range caravans at peak season can cost £400. This might seem a bit steep, but when you consider that this caravan has 3 bedrooms and can sleep up to 8 people the package truly becomes a bargain.

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