Take a guerilla tour

Ever wondered what it might be like to swing around the jungle like a big hairy banana munching gorilla? Well now you can...of a fashion. Aceh Explorer, a Dutch run firm specialising in adventure trekking holidays is utilising the local guerilla population in the little known Northwestern Indonesian region of Aceh, to kickstart tourism.

The cannily named 'Guerilla Tours' are designed to give the intrepid traveller a more complete hiking experience. Ex guerilla fighters, like Marjuni Ibrahim know the Aceh jungle like the back of their hand. And are using this insiders knowledge to show tourists around, guerilla style. Following a brutal 30 year conflict, Aceh Explorer Tours merge sights of touristic interest - with important spots on the ex guerilla trail. Like top 'Free Aceh Movement' jungle hiding places, getaway tunnels, tree top bases etc...(Fear not, all booby traps have been dealt with)

Ex warfare aside, the Aceh terrain, (a small territory on the Sumatra island) is about as breathtaking as it gets. The region is busting with stunning mountain ranges, spectacular waterfalls and luscious jungle terrain. And the wildlife's not bad too, Samatrun Tigers and hornbills no less. As well as hoardes of pretty butterflies, and scamping deer. With a real life guerilla guide showing you about, it's about as close to 'real' Aceh life as you can get.

Sounds like heaven? Since the devastation of the 2004 Tsunami, post war, post disaster Aceh is now as peaceful and tropical enclave as they come... aaaand you'll be helping the local economy if you go. So enough beach lazing.....and on with the jungle vine swinging.

Aceh Explorer

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