Take a break in the sunshine - go to Greece!

After this month, more and more of your favourite resorts will begin to close down for the winter, so pack your bags now!

Greece is a fabulous holiday destination for you to get some rest and relaxation. You can take boat tours around the various hidden-away island treasures; visit Greek ruins; or simply lay in the warm sunshine.

With overcast and chilly days already setting in across the UK, a quick getaway to Greece could be just what the doctor ordered.

Additionally, if you visit Greece this month, you may get to be there for Ochi Day. Ochi day, on October 28th, celebrates the day in 1940 when Greek General Ioannis Metaxa flatly refused to let Hitler occupy Greece. Hitler had assumed that the country would not put up a fight. Instead, General Metaxas responded "Ochi!," meaning "No!" in Greek. Until this point in the war, Britain had no European allies against Hitler. The Greek people's determined resistance kept the Nazis out of their country, and led Hitler to decide that such attacks were costing too many German lives.

Ochi day is an especially lively day to enjoy your Greek holiday. Every major city in the country holds military parades, and if you are on the coast, you will very likely have the opportunity of being a part of celebrations on the waterfront.

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