Tahiti’s Pearl Farms

Diamondsmay be a girl’s best friend, but Tahitian pearls remain the jewels of the ocean, highly prized and sought after throughout the world. Considered one of Tahiti's attractions and part of Tahitians' culture, these pearls are a picture of perfection, varying in size, shape, colour, and price. Discover these Tahitian treasures at the pearl farms on your Tahiti holiday.

Jean Tapu, was a world spear fishing champion, and one of the forefathers of pearl farming in Polynesia. Tapu's daughter Ghislaine and her husband Peter have been operating Huahine Pearl Farm for eight years now. Located on the eastern portion of Huahine Nui in the middle of the turquoise lagoon, it is open to the public and visitors can marvel at and purchase for themselves a wide assortment of pearls, including the legendary black pearls of Tahiti. Take one of the four-wheel drive tours or boat tours to get to the farm, or rent cars, bikes, or scooters to Marina of Faie, where a boat tour to the farm is available for free.

Motu Pearl Village in Faaaha Bay is a family-owned pearl village that demonstrates how Tahitian black pearls are honed to perfection. Guided tours show the different stages of black pearl production: raising of mother of pearls, transferring and cleaning processes, grafting, harvesting, over grafting, pearl evaluation, and the manufacture of pearl by-products. Jewels, mother of pearls, and local creations can be purchased from the shop.

Besides the pearl farm, Motu Pearl Village offers water sports facilities (kayaks and snorkelling), island tours, and a restaurant serving local dishes, including poisson cru with coconut milk, Tahiti’s national dish. The pearl village is open from 10 am to 5:00 pm every day, excluding Sundays. Guided tours are held at 10 am and 11 am, as well as 2 pm and 3:30 pm.

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