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  • Holidays in the Utrecht Canals

    Holidays in the Utrecht Canals

    A trip along Utrecht's scenic City Canals is the best way to enjoy a holiday in this Dutch municipality. You might even discover events along the wharfs that will rock your sox off.

  • Budget Flights to Utrecht

    Budget Flights to Utrecht

    Book a trip to Utrecht, a picturesque land of windmills, castles, and country estates. This Netherlands province gets its name from the Roman “Ultrajectum,” or “ford”.

  • A Guide to Utrecht Holidays

    A Guide to Utrecht Holidays

    Utrecht is an enticing mix of the traditional and the modern, its medieval buildings serving as entertainment centres and social hubs on Utrecht holidays.

  • Utrecht


    Journey through history in Utrecht and marvel at the medieval attractions the city has to offer.

  • Low-cost Hotels in Utrecht

    Low-cost Hotels in Utrecht

    Visiting Utrecht is like travelling back in time with its ancient buildings and structures. The cost of living here seems to have been frozen in time, too, as the unbelievably low prices of these Utrecht hotels demonstrate.

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