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  • Bustling Bucharest: A Stopover on a Romanian Holiday

    Bustling Bucharest: A Stopover on a Romanian Holiday

    A holiday in Romania is made fuller by a trip to its capital, Bucharest. Landmarks include Calea Victoriei, which is lined by important buildings; lavish Cantacuzino Palace, done in neoclassical and art nouveau styles; and Lipscani District, the old town.

  • Resplendent Romania Holidays

    Resplendent Romania Holidays

    Romania holidays are mostly spent as Halloween adventures, with lots of tourists on the prowl for the legendary Dracula. But apart from the “scary” affairs, it offers exceptional beauty evident in its grotesque monuments, majestic castles, and medieval towns.

  • Romania


    A place that remains a mystery under the cover of the Carpathian Mountains, vampire lore, and a communist past, Romania is a holiday destination travellers are bound to be intrigued by. Take a tour of this country filled with mediaeval towns, pasturelands, and monasteries.

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