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  • Madagascar


    Where time stands still and superstition continues to thrive, Madagascar is a holiday retreat unlike any other. Home to the bottle-shaped baobab tree and the wide-eyed lemur, peek into a place more magical than a movie can ever be.

  • Mad for Madagascar: A Holiday Guide

    Mad for Madagascar: A Holiday Guide

    A holiday in Madagascar introduces tourists to the concept of mora-mora, where living life to the fullest and taking the time to do it is the norm. Leave all worries and go on a Madagascar holiday.

  • Flights to Madagascar

    Flights to Madagascar

    The animated movie from DreamWorks may have inspired legions of travellers to holidays in Madagascar. These flights are the ticket for these adventurers to be among the chameleons, kingfishers, and tomato frogs.

  • Masoala National Park in Madagascar

    Masoala National Park in Madagascar

    Animals on this island nation “like to move it, move it!” And in Masoala National Park, tourists on Madagascar holidays will get to see a wide variety of animals swinging into action.

  • Budget Hotels in Madagascar

    Budget Hotels in Madagascar

    These hotels in Madagascar promise rest and recreation for stressed-out travellers, and the sheer number of budget lodgings will put them even more at ease, whatever region they decide to stay in.

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