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  • Jordan Holidays

    Jordan Holidays

    A Jordan holiday offers visitors a glimpse of the celebrated past of this Arab country where centuries-old attractions stand in the limelight.

  • Low-cost Hotels in Jordan

    Low-cost Hotels in Jordan

    Life may not come cheap in Jordan, but budget travellers will still be able to get by in this Arab country with its slew of budget hotels.

  • Food, Fun, and Fab Finds in Jordan’s Souk JARA

    Food, Fun, and Fab Finds in Jordan’s Souk JARA

    The hot summers get even hotter in Amman, Jordan with the start of Souk JARA. Enjoy a sensual feast of exciting games, tempting treats, and eye-catching performances every Friday throughout the summer on your Jordan holiday.

  • Jordan


    Religion and history stand side by side in this Arab country, Jordan.

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