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  • Flights to the Dominican Republic

    Flights to the Dominican Republic

    There are many airports that serve the Dominican Republic. Flights to the capital, Santo Domingo, will take you to Aeropuerto Internacional Las Américas JFPG.

  • Flights to Panama

    Flights to Panama

    Unveil the secret riches of this beautiful yet low-profile Central American country by taking these Panama flights, which land at the Panama International Airport, the country’s main hub.

  • Flights to Chicago

    Flights to Chicago

    “Chicago,” the musical and the hit movie have nothing on the real thing. Soar into the “Windy City,” Chicago, on these flights, and discover a world of baseball, theatre, and soul food.

  • Flights to Stockholm

    Flights to Stockholm

    Spend a holiday in a mediaeval city by the water. Get on these flights to Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, with its islands, museums, and parks.

  • Flights to Jamaica

    Flights to Jamaica

    Jamaica throbs with the beat of reggae and ska, attracting tourists to its sugary sands and laidback culture. Take these Jamaica flights and discover a wealth of attractions on your Jamaica holidays.

  • Flights to Nashville

    Flights to Nashville

    Take these flights to America’s music city, Nashville, Tennessee, and sway to the tune of country music. The city’s main gateway is Nashville International Airport, southeast of the city.

  • Flights to Costa Rica

    Flights to Costa Rica

    Take off to a tropical haven filled with superb beaches and fascinating wildlife on these Costa Rica flights. Costa Rica's main gateway is Santamaria International Airport in San Jose.

  • Flights to Lima

    Flights to Lima

    A holiday in Lima unearths remnants of Incan civilisation, but before that, the Jorge Chavez International Airport offers modern comforts to welcome visitors after their Lima flight.

  • Flights to Bermuda

    Flights to Bermuda

    Get to the oldest and most populous remaining British colony on these Bermuda flights, which all land at the Bermuda International Airport, the country’s only airport.

  • Flights to Boston

    Flights to Boston

    A Boston holiday begins in “a city within a city,” Logan Airport, an “artport” with a collection of sculptures and paintings. Visitors get quite a welcome alighting from their Boston flights.

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