Taba heights plays to tourists

Taba Heights

Taba Heights is a resort community on the northern point of Egypt’s Gulf of Aqaba. The resort is located approximately 20 kilometres away from the community of Taba, which is a small town that has made its name through tourism. In fact, the entire town consists of a bus depot and a luxury hotel.

Once you get to Taba Heights, you will be confronted by a group of large hotels. You can make reservations at these hotels by talking to them online. Since they rely so heavily on tourism, most of these hotels are able to communicate with you in English. Famous names like the Hyatt and the Marriott are part of this hotel group.

The spacious diving area of the resort allows visitors to take diving lessons. Both free diving and scuba diving are options. A golf course is also located on the resort grounds. The unique thing about this fairly new golf course is that it is desert style, which means that it’s not as green as so-called regular golf courses.

Travellers from the UK will be able to find plane tickets to Taba Heights by talking to their travel agent, or by searching online for the wide variety of travel sites out there offering cheap plane tickets. As with any plane ticket purchase, you should watch out for deals anywhere you look. Waiting until the last minute to purchase your tickets may allow you to get in on cancellation deals. Taba International Airport offers a selection of charter flights from the UK every week.

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