The Very Best Swiss Ski Resorts

Swiss watches, cuckoo clocks, yodelling - we all know the common Swiss stereotypes. But Switzerland is also famous for it's breathtaking Ski resorts. Here's some alpine destinations and Swiss ski resorts for enthusiasts as well as beginners.

Zermatt in Valais is most famous for the giant mountain that overlooks the town - the Matterhorn. Yet this is also one of the premier ski destinations in the entire Alpine region, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors each winter to take in its fine white snow and range of pistes. Zermatt is often considered to be the finest ski resort in the world, and the town's ski runs range from gentle slopes for first timers, all the way to lift accessed vertical drops. Zermatt is also a rewarding summer destination, exhibiting much Swiss charm and beguiling country walks through the hills. Dedicated hikers can even take the Haute Route all the way to the french resort of Chamonix.

For off-piste skiing, resorts don't come any more impressive than the stunning Verbier, a small town with big slopes and an even bigger nightlife. For chalet-girls and all night partying, this is the place to come. Verbier and the adjoining towns make up the Four Valleys area of the Swiss Alps, and together provide over 410km of ski runs suitable for all levels of expertise. For more experienced ski enthusiasts, the rural and isolated runs represent a tough challenge, so come well prepared.

For year round skiing, Les Diablerets can offer the unique experience of skiing in the summer, due to its famous glacier slope. The town also holds a highly anticipated International Film Festival every year in September.

Switzerland has many pretty resort towns worth visiting, and Swiss Ski resorts are known as the best in the world. So pack your gear, hire some skis, or even a snowboard, and enjoy the snow.

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