Swine flu: is it safe to travel?

At present the advice in the UK is that if you have no signs of swine flu then you are fit to travel. If you are worried that you may be developing the disease or have got it then you should call NHS Direct who will advise you further. It may be that you wish to have a note from your GP stating that you are fit to travel.

Unfortunately there has been much made about the spread of the disease particularly through air conditioning units such as those used on aeroplanes or the ease of transmission in large groups of people. There is little you can do about this other than perhaps wearing a face mask if you are very worried or feel that you are at high risk.

Ultimately if you keep yourself as healthy as possible you are unlikely to have more than a mild dose of swine flu. Stay away from large crowds of people if you can, and research your destination to see how prevalent the disease has been there.

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