Swine flu: important travel advice, useful links

A swine flu hotline opened this morning which promises to speed up patient access to Tamiflu in the light of the epidemic sweeping the UK. So things are stepping up on the mainland, but what advice is out there for travellers, (because let's face it, it's the summer and nobody wants to be stuck at home nursing themselves with pig flu.) We've scanned the webs for some of the best advice on swine flu for travellers, including tips on travel insurance and rebooking if you have the dreaded lurgey. Take a look.

The Foreign Commonwealth Office - get the latest info about travelling overseas straight from the horses mouth. FCO.gov

The Telegraph has produced a great run down on everything travellers need to know about Swine Flu, take a look. The Telegraph

Confused.com helps you get a little less confused about all things pig influenza. confused.com

Direct Gov offers detailed advice on international travel in the midst of the plague. DirectGov.co.uk

The Guardian offers great up to the minute coverage on all things Swine Flu. The Guardian

Sky News has done a great job at keeping ahead of the pack with regard Swine Flu SkyNews.com

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