Swept Away in Broome

In a city as remote as Perth, secluded getaways far from the crowds are always a possibility. And in Broome, a once historical pearling town in the Kimberley region, relaxation is the main dish, satisfying tourists on Perth holidays.

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Broome was once an isolated centre of the pearl industry, home to 80 percent of the world’s mother-of-pearls. As the pearl industry collapsed, the town was discovered as an ideal getaway with its glittering golden sand beaches and extraordinary natural attractions and activities.

The months of April and September are the best time to visit Broome. Breathtaking sunsets are commonplace, and at night the Staircase of the Moon casts an enchanting spell on visitors. On a cloudless night, the full moon is reflected in the rippling mud flats, producing a golden stairway effect. The sight is best viewed after the full moon, with the sky darkening before the moon rises.

Take a camel ride as the sun sets on Cable Beach. Apart from the captivating scenery, the whole experience is something new for tourists. There is the Broome Bird Observatory, where around 300 bird species dwell. Found here are the migratory birds that visit Roebuck Bay during summer, which head to Siberia to breed during winter. Tourists can also visit the old and restored pearl boats at Pearl Luggers and learn about the Broome’s past pearl industry in the Broome Historical Society Museum.

During May and November, the quiet town comes alive with festivals. The Fringe Arts Festival takes place in June, where alternative arts and performances are showcased. In early October, the Stompen Festival of Kimberly Aboriginal Art and Music kicks off, while the Dragon Boat Classic takes centre stage in early April.

The Shinju-Matsuri or Festival of the Pearl is the largest event, featuring street parades, dragon boat races, and traditional Japanese ceremonies. The festival is in honour of Broome’s pearling past and multicultural heritage.

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