Sustainable travel tips

Be an eco-friendly traveller with these top tips for sustainable travel!

1. In hotels, leave a note to say that you will reuse towels and sheets - after all, how many of us wash them after a single use at home?

2. Conserve water - limit your showers to three minutes and turn the tap off when you are brushing your teeth.

3. Sustainable travel starts at home! Before leaving your house, unplug any electrical devices that don't need to be running while you're away (e.g. TV, microwave etc.) As much as 10% of the electricity we use goes on "standby" appliances and adapters.

4. Go paper-free where possible. Use e-tickets and online resources to plan your trip.

5. At your destination, make an effort to visit sustainable attractions and stay at sustainable hotels. Modern guidebooks like Lonely Planet and Rough Guides highlight eco-friendly options.

6. Try not to travel during peak tourist season - this will decrease your overall negative impact.

7. Buy traditional crafts and souvenirs to support the local economy and help to keep customs and traditions alive.

8. When visiting historical sights or natural attractions, follow the designated trails and don't remove anything from the sights ("Take nothing but photographs, leave nothing but footprints").

9. Support tour operators with sustainable tourism practices - many display a logo or certification mark.

10. Let hotels and tour operators know that you are interested in green credentials by asking about them before you book. If they are already sustainable, it will encourage the practice. And if they're not, queries can motivate them to get some eco credentials.

11. Go minimal. A quick and easy way to promote sustainable travel is to stay in basic accommodation that consumes less energy and is owned and run locally.

12. Pack lightly. For every 10 pounds of luggage per traveller, planes requires an extra 350 million gallons of jet fuel per year.

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