Fancy surfing weekends in Ireland?

So, surfing weekends in Ireland? The West coast of Ireland is rich in waves from the Atlantic winds and also boasts the most westerly point in Europe. So why not choose a surfing weekend in Ireland and surf the mighty Atlantic waves?

Most of the counties on the West of Ireland have surf schools including Clare, Cork, Donegal, Kerry, Mayo, Sligo and Waterford. All of these locations also have accommodation to suit all budgets and requirements. Each surf school allows you to rent both equipment and clothing. They also offer individual and group lessons at extremely reasonable prices. For those who wish to spectate, surfing championships are held in each of these counties throughout the summer months. For more information on individual schools in any of these counties check out isasurf.ie and scroll down to ‘surf schools’ for a comprehensive list.

Bundoran, County Donegal in the North West of Ireland is without a doubt the best known surfing location in Ireland. It is an ideal location for a surfing weekend as necessary winds are usually guaranteed and the town also boasts an adventure park, an equestrian centre and a waterworld. There are also numerous bars and clubs which supply evening entertainment. There are endless options when it comes to choosing accommodation from hostels to BBs and from self-catering apartments to hotels. You are sure to find something extremely comfortable within your price range. The locals are extremely welcoming and the town has a relaxed feeling. For more details check out discoverbundoran.com and you will surely come across some great surfing weekends in Ireland.

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