Surf Virgins? It’s never too late to catch a wave

Rule number 1: there are no rules. Rule number 2: learn how to fall off a surfboard with your mouth closed – that second one is more essential advice than a rigid rule.

About 25miles northwest of Lisbon are the Ecolodges - the most fashionable address in the seaside resort of Ericeria. The cabins are mostly solar-powered and the host of green touches include LED lighting and fitments made from recycled materials.

The bar operates an honesty system!!!– what you drink during your stay you replace, unless you honestly can't remember. There is much falling off surfboards as a result of the honesty policy at the bar, EcoLodgesEriceira.

Down at the surf, where you’ll soon have the hangover beaten out of you – an instructor at the Na:Onda surf school on Foz do Lizandro beach, will transform you into a wave rider in no time, EriceiraSurf, and with the water a sweet 20C most of the year, you’ll soon be stripping the wetsuit off and going board shorts Aussie Style – just, please get some surf fashion advice before you go.

Easyjet flies from five UK airports to Lisbon from £32.

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