Surf together

Ok, so 'dualie' isn't exactly the sexiest of titles. It needs more ‘rad’ and ‘dude’ and something that suggests getting up close and personal with a bikini’d (or speedoe’d) bronze bod on a surfboard with lots of holding on tight and much splashing about in the water. Because that's what it is.....

April is officially the start of the surfing season, so if you’re unsure of your technique, or just fancy grabbing a hold of a fine bod, then you’ve got to give Dualie Surfing a go. Dualies, see, that sounds better already, are bodyboards for two. So you can take to the water with a partner or friend, or a hot ‘instructor’ and younger kids can surf safely with Mum or Dad.

Extreme Academy in Watergate Bay hires out Dualie boards. While you’re down there, check out the Watergate Bay Hotel, who do a family room (sleeps 5) from £245, with dinner and breakfast, watergatebay.co.uk/extremeacademy.htm

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