Surf and Speak French; Package Holiday a la Ooh la la

Surfing essentially entails lying on your board, facing the beach, waiting until the wave is around a metre behind you and then paddling like mad in the hope that your board catches it.

Master that and your French verb table and you’ll be top of the class at the Biarritz school of French and Surfing.

Of course, Brighton's pebble beaches just don't compare to the beautiful sandy beaches of Biarritz, nor do its surfing credentials. Here on France's wild Atlantic coast you get fabulous year-round waves that attract surfers from all over the world.

The French lessons are at a school on the edge of the town each morning, and each afternoon make your way down to the beach at the Côte des Basques to learn how to surf. Couldn’t be easier – although holiday insurance might not be a bad idea – water hurts, you know!

And that’s not to mention your class and surf mates, a bevy of young, bright-eyed beauties of all nationalities - bronzed, blonde Swedes, rosy-cheeked Irish, Swiss, Danes, Japanese, Australians, Russians, you name it.

A two-week French and surfing course in Biarritz with Cactus Language costs from £1,009, www.cactuslanguagetraining.com, (course only - 20 French lessons and 10 surfing lessons) or £1,589 with accommodation in a host family (including breakfast and dinner), or £1,749 with accommodation in a self-catering flat.

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