Check out these Superbreaks hotels in Paris

Paris is the world's most visited city, and enchants visitors of all ages. Tourists come for the romance, the food, the beauty of the buildings. Some like it so much, they never leave. But travelling to the French capital can be expensive. For a cheaper option, Superbreaks can now book you in at numerous hotels across the city. Let's take a look at Superbreaks Paris deals currently on offer.

Many of the hotels Superbreaks offer in Paris start at the budget end of the market, so are perfect for those looking for a bargain. The Little Hotel near Gare Du Nord is ideally located for those arriving into Paris on the Eurostar. Rooms are cosy and come equipped with TV, a safe and telephone access. Four nights in August including full breakfast start from around £147 per person.

Many tourists prefer to stay in the heart of the Left Bank, home to the most stylish boutiques in the city, and the traditional hub of intellectual activity. In this area the Holiday Inn Paris St Germain Des Pres offers 7 nights in a double room in August from as little as £564 per person. The hotel features modern interiors, high speed wifi, and, a rarity in Paris, air conditioning. The main selling point of this property, however, is the proximity to sights. Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are but a short walk away.

Superbreaks Paris hotel deals don't stop there, with a range of luxury hotels as well as more budget offerings, there's something for everyone. So whether you want a boat trip down the Seine, shopping at Printemps, or funky wine bars in Oberkampf, try booking with Superbreaks for the cheap Paris holidays.

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