Super Saver Summer Special deals for Gatwick parking

Super Saver Summer Special deals for Gatwick parking

Airport parking can be a nightmare because it can often be quite expensive, and after paying for your dream holiday the last thing you want to do is fork out for an expensive car park – This in turn can often leave you feeling quite stressed. Avoid all this hassle and go online now to book a super summer saver deal on Gatwick parking!

Essential travel operate in the South Terminal at Gatwick Airport, and provide free 24 hour transfers to and from the airport, their car parking is accredited with Park Mark Safer Parking Award, they guarantee you won’t find your parking cheaper, and if your pre-book you can get some super savings! If you were booking your parking for a week holiday in July you could book through essential travel from as little as £57 for the week. If you would prefer a more personalised service they could offer you their meet and greet service from as little as £79 for the week in July.

If you want to book through a search engine, to ensure you are paying the best price why not have a look at airport parking where you can type in your desired destination and the dates you are travelling and it will list the best deals around. You could book through a range of parking companies including essential travel who have a deal for £97 for you to park for two weeks in August.  They use AHP who offer a deal for two weeks parking at their facility for around £107 in September or book through Holiday extras for airport parking at Gatwick in August for prices around £109 for two weeks.

There are a wide variety of websites out there offering some great deals on airport parking. If you book a Super Saver Summer Special deal in advance, you are guaranteed to get a great discount!

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