We check out what's on offer from Sunworld holidays Portugal

If you fancy taking a trip to a destination that offers year round sunshine and some of the most stunning scenery in all of Europe, then have you considered taking a break in Portugal? This sun kissed paradise is a mere two hours from Dublin, and thanks to Sunworld holidays Portugal it has never been cheaper to get there, so lets check out what they are offering.

Sunworld are one of Ireland's largest holiday operators, and they have been offering package deals in Portugal for a number of years, meaning they have an intimate knowledge of the area, and how to get you a great deal! You can check out their full range of Portugal holiday options on their site at http://www.sunworld.ie/destinations/portugal/.

With Sunworld, you have three different options for your Portuguese holiday. You can take in the rustic charms of Lisbon, the capital city of Portugal, or else you can also take in the stunning surrounds of the Algarve, or else travel to the unspoilt island paradise of Madeira to the west of Portugal. Sunworld offer flights and hotel combinations at all three destinations, and in our experience, they offer the cheapest deal of any Irish operator to these places.

Booking a cheap holiday with them couldn't be easier. You simply fill in their extensive holiday search form where you input the resort you want to stay at, and the dates you want to stay there. Sunworld does the rest, getting back to you insatantly with a value quote.



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