Plenty of bargains on offer from Sunways Holidays

Are you an Irish Holidaymaker looking to snare the best possible deal on a holiday to the sun? One travel company operating out of Ireland is offering some unbelievable deals right now, and that company is Sunways Holidays, and in this blog we are going to take a closer look at the full range of holidays being offered by Sunway right now, so lets have a gander.

Sunway are one of the largest names on the Irish holiday market, and you can check out their full range of offers and deals on their comprehensive travel site at www.sunway.ie. No matter what type of break you are seeking, Sunway will have you covered. Their site has dedicated sections for Late Deals, Sun Holidays, Flight only deals, USA and Canada, Tours, Cruises, Lapland and even Honeymoon and Wedding deals.

Sunway's main business is done through resort golidays, and their specialities are the Turkish resort of Kusadasi, and the Cypriot resort of Limassol. Both of these destinations are extremely competitively priced, and Sunway has extensive guides to both of them on their site that are well worth a look.

Another facet of their site that we highly recommend checking out is their last minute sun section as there are some unbelievable bargains to be found. To give you an idea of the kind of bargains you can expect on holidays of all type, Sunway are offering last minute deals to Turkey for just 340 Euro, aswell as a week in Thailand for just 720 Euro. These bargains will be hard to beat in Ireland!

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