Sunway holidays: Tenerife, a great choice for a summer break!

Sunway holidays in Tenerife are the perfect summer holiday. Sunway provide just about everything you could possibly need and they do it all at a very cheap price. You will have to catch a plane to Ireland if you want to take advantage of Sunway so be sure to book that flight!

Tenerife is a spectacular island that makes up part of the Canary Islands. The island of Tenerife is the perfect destination thanks to it's warm year round climate, stunning beaches and amazing sites.

Another great feature of a holiday in Tenerife is the fact that your are in the centre of the Canary islands. You are literally only a boat ride away from many other great destinations.

If there is one downside to Tenerife it's the island's popularity. The best time to book a holiday to the island is during the winter, if you want to avoid the huge flocks of Brits that come in the summer. Please note that the weather is still amazing through the winter and Sunway's winter holidays go right on until April 30th!

Sunway's website is very easy to use, just select Tenerife from the list of available destinations. From here you can choose whether or not you are looking for a summer or winter package. Using a system like this can save you hundreds of pounds. For example, you can get 7 nights for two in Tenerife for as little as £220 with the winter package option. You won't find a better deal anywhere else!

You will have to make your way to one of the four Irish Airports to catch your flight. Dublin, Cork, Shannon or Knock are the destinations and cheap flights can be found with just about any British airline online.

Head over to the Sunway website and see if you can find the perfect holiday in Tenerife.


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