Sunway flights to Turkey - the lowdown

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Turkey is a top tourist destination for Irish holiday makers looking to get away from it all. The following is some advice on Sunway flights to Turkey.


Turkey is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea to the south, the Aegean Sea to the west and the Black Sea to the north and has some amazing coastline. The country is well known for its historical architecture and seaside resorts. Most of Turkey has a Mediterranean climate with hot, dry summers and mild, cool winters. Some of the most popular destinations are Istanbul and the resort towns of Kusadasi and Bodrum. Major attractions in Istanbul include the Blue Mosque and the Topkapi Palace.


Sunway are one of Ireland's leading travel companies and they specialise in sun holidays and flights from Ireland. They provide some excellent deals on package holidays. They also have a number of other special offers including last minute deals and flight discounts.

Sunway flights to Turkey

Sunway offer some excellent deals in flights to Turkey. They fly from Dublin to most of the major airports in Turkey. Flight only deals from Dublin to Izmir Airport start from €354. Package deals on flights and accommodation start from around €550 per person sharing in a 3 star hotel. They also have discounts of at least €30 when you book online.

When to go

Turkey is an excellent travel destination year round. Because of its climate the winters do not get that cold and the weather is still mild at this time of year. However summer is till probably the best  time to visit.

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