What Are Sunset Holidays?

Sunset holidays refers to the special brand owned by Thomas Cook Holidays and which consists of cheap and no-hassle holidays booked for Cuba, Mexico, Gambia, Goa, Egypt, Morocco, Malta, Turkey and others. Below are several Turkish holiday packages that you can view when visiting thomascook.com for their most popular holiday trips under the sun. You can also book these packages at holidayhypermarket.co.uk/thomas-cook-holidays.

Club Izer Beach, Turkey

A 14-night stay, with flights departing from Manchester, is available at approximately £618 per person and which includes a discount of £79 if you book online. You and your partner will be staying in one of the 4-star hotel’s Club Bungalow rooms, which has options between double or twin beds, and is equipped with satellite TV, air-conditioning, its own terrace, and a lot more in-room services and amenities.

Internet access is provided for all rooms, and guests may dine in any of the trio of ala carte restaurants of the hotel or sample the best culinary creations of the hotel’s world-class chefs in their buffet restaurant. There are numerous sun terraces available in the hotel, with many of them overlooking the three outdoor pools. There is also an indoor pool available, together with a gym, sauna and Turkish bath.

Isil Club, Turkey

If you book for the 14-night stay and are flying from Manchester, you can enjoy a discounted stay at Isil Club for just £1,037 pax. A discount of £132 is offered for those who book their sunset holidays online. Accommodations included in the package are located in the hotel’s beautiful and expansive grounds, offering twin or double beds as well as an extra sofa bed. It’s air-conditioned, equipped with satellite TV and has its own terrace, and you can request for a coffeemaker in your room. Isil Club also has an outdoor free-form pool, several restaurants and a rooftop terrace bar, and a mini-market. Water sport activities like sailing, wind surfing and snorkelling may be arranged.

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