Need an idea for sunseeker holidays?

Florida isn't known as the Sunshine State for nothing! This corner of the United States enjoys year round sunshine, and is perhaps the best place to bring the kids on holiday! If you're looking at sunseeker holidays, then this is our suggestion!

The climate in southern Florida is just perfect. Temperatures rarely dip below 20 degrees in this corner of the United States, even in winter! True, the area is susceptible to hurricanes, but these are a rare event, and shouldn't put you off booking. Winter is a speciality of Florida, as it barely ever rains. Perfect for dodging another dreary British winter!

Orlando has its own International Airport, and the great news is that it's EXTREMELY well-served from the United Kingdom. Flights leave daily from London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester and Glasgow. During the summer your choice will be even greater due to the high number of charter flights to the area.

Perhaps most importantly, this area is an absolute delight to bring your children to! Orlando is, of course, home to Walt Disney's magical Disneyworld. Nothing will get you into the good books with your children quicker than announcing you'll be visiting Disneyworld this summer.

The attractions don't end with Disneyworld either. You'll also have the magnificent Universal Studios theme park on your doorstep, aswell as the world famous Seaworld. Orlando truly is a paradise for big kids and small kids alike!

Hopefully our suggestion will help make your sunseeker holiday decision a little easier this coming year.

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