About Sunsave Holidays Reviews

Sunsave Holidays is an online travel agent, available at sunsave.com. Sunsave Holidays offers destinations all around the world such as the Caribbean, India, or Europe, among others. This travel agent is known by offering low prices and special late deals. In order for you to get to know more about Sunsave Holidays Reviews, there are some interesting reviews at reviewcentre.com from customers who have already traveled with this provider that will help you make an informed decision. Thus, it's useful to read Sunsave Holidays reviews prior to booking offers with this company.


Several reviews at reviewcentre.com state frequent problems with the prices. Travelers report that online deals are not respected in reality. Once they call Sunsave offices, the price they saw in the Internet tends to increase. Many travelers are categorical by using strong words as 'scam'. Many of them also report having problems with their credit cards since Sunsave Holidays discounts the money before checking the availability of the package offered. You should double check prices and rates before paying. Information on the Web Users who commented positively on Sunsave Holidays state that variations between online prices and real prices are due to the fact that the website is not updated every hour. Therefore, whenever a flight or a hotel increases its prices as it usually does, the website does not change previous information. On the other hand, it is a current complaint that once customers call telephone operators, they do not receive all the necessary information related to transfer or baggage additional payments, for example.

Average Statistics

Average statistics of Sunsave Holidays at reviewcentre.com show that after 68 reviews, they have 2.5 stars out of five and only 32% of people actually recommended it. It also got 2 stars out of five in value for money. After these reviews, remember to be extremely careful with every little detail of the deal when dealing with this travel agent.

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