Sunny Holidays in Mallorca

Another sun-drenched island in Spain is Mallorca or Majorca, where you can spend a beach holiday. Visit the various districts, each of which has its own attractions and activities.

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In Palma, the central business district, you'll find most of the modern amenities, from trendy restaurants, hotels, and nightclubs. See the gothic cathedral La Seu or the medieval castle Bellver, or find exhibits of Spanish artists like Picasso and Joan Miro at the museums.

Near the center of the island is Raiguer, where Europe’s largest resort, Bellevue, is; the resort has 1,474 apartments distributed within 17 buildings, complete with modern facilities. Check out the beaches, have a drink at any of the busy pubs and nightclubs lining the seafront, and hop along “Old Town,” a popular shopping place.

On the north is Sierra de Tramuntana, a place of mountain ranges and secluded beaches, which is perfect for those who love solitary treks and hate crowded beaches. One of the popular walking paths in the area is called “Pilgrim’s Way,” which passes through a ravine and into the panoramic view of Mirador de ses Barques.

In Pla de Mallorca, you'll find the former convent of Father Junipero Serra, founder of the mission system in Northern California; also in the area is a Moorish castle, Alaro, which offers spectacular vistas of the sprawling olive groves and almond trees.

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