Chill this Summer on a sunny beach in Bulgaria

When you are in need of a nice getaway and do not want to travel too far from home then why not look at Bulgaria. A relatively well hidden secret, you can book into a resort by a sunny beach in Bulgaria and recharge those batteries before heading back to take your place in the rat race.

Black Sea Holiday

Bulgaria is situated in Eastern Europe and while it does not have access to the Meditteranean Sea, you can more than compensate for this by resting easy on a sunny beach in Bulgaria while looking out on the Black Sea. We will run through three resorts that are suitable for differing budgets but each one will give you a suitable base to kick back and relax.

For those of you that do not have too much money laying around at the moment, Bahami Resort is located in Sunny Beach. Prices start here from as little as £15 per night and you will be located in the most popular beach resort town in Bulgaria. This means plenty of activity at night and a top class beach only ten minutes away.

People on an intermediate budget would do well to check out the Emerald Beach Resort and Spa. Located in Ravda, a quaint little village just 5km from the Black Sea, this place is ideal if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of big towns. The resort itself has everything you need to help you relax including multiple swimming pools, clean rooms and access to nearby cafes, bars and of course the beach. And all for prices starting at around £38 per person a night.

And for those of you interested in pure luxury then the Duni Royal Marina all-inclusive 5 star hotel could be just the ticket. This beautiful place boasts ten tennis courts and four swimming pools. There is always a lifeguard on duty at the 5km long beach as well as at the swimming pools. The beaches at Dyuni are among the finest in all of Bulgaria and for £300 a night you will struggle to find better luxury accomodation by the beach.

Easy Access from Burgas Airport

All three of these places are easy to access as they are within a 40 kilometer radius of Burgas Airport. All that is left is for you to choose which sunny beach in Bulgaria that you want to lay out on and away you go via Burgas Airport. Who needs the Mediterranean!

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