Sunniest cities in Europe

Often, especially during the long winter months, it can be very difficult to live in a places where the sun rarely shines. Not only does the sun increase our levels of serotonin making us feel happier, but it also provides Vitamin D, relieves aches and pains and gives us more energy in general making it essential for healthy living. For those of you looking for a city to visit that gets plenty of sunshine, here is a list of the sunniest cities in Europe.

    Gregory Zeier - Wikimedia

Not only is Marseille, France known for being a centre for art and history, but it is also one of the sunniest places in France to visit. It gets over 300 days of sunshine and averages 2,800 hours of sun per year. During July and August, residents enjoy around 12 hours of sunshine every day with an average temperature of 25C. October is the wettest month but is perhaps a relief from the strong sun that is omnipresent the rest of the year.

Palma, Majorca is another city that has mild winters and sunny summers. In July, the average temperature is 29C with an average of 13 hours of sun to bring joy each day. In January, the temperature drops down to 15C with around 7 hours of sunshine which is not bad at all given it is Winter time. Over the course of the year, the sun hangs around for an average of 2,779 hours.

Rhodes Island, Greece makes the list as well with an average of 300 sunny days each and every year. Because it is situated right on the Mediterranean, you can always count on hot and humid summers and cool winters. July is a month full of sunshine averaging 14 hours per day with temperatures reaching a beautiful 27C.

Seville, Andulucia is known as the “Frying pan of Europe”. Out of the possible 4,383 hours of sun available throughout the year, in Seville it appears for an average of 2,928 hours. This is almost double the amount of sunshine that London receives annually at just 1,573 hours. The summer months in Seville receive a standard 12 hours of sun per day. The city is also home to the world’s first commercial concentrating solar power tower where heat is stored and used as energy.

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