Sunmaster holidays to Benidorm

Sunmaster advertises Benidorm as a beautiful place to go if you want a traditional tourist holiday full of sun, fun and relaxation. This place has beautiful hotels, picturesque beaches, delicious restaurants, fun attractions and plenty of activities going on everyday for children as well as adults. Sunmaster is an experienced company in sending UK travellers to Benidorm so check out their deals on the Sunmaster website.

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For many, finding the perfect beach is high on the priority list. In Benidorm, the long 6km of golden sand is broken into 3 main beaches each with a unique and different feel. The Levante section is the most popular and most accessible beach on offer. Here you will find over two thousand sun beds laid out for people to enjoy with an Italian marble promenade close by if you want to stretch your legs. Numerous souvenir shops are located in this area offering many knickknacks for you to browse and to take back home with you. Poniente is a little more spacious than Levante. Here you will more likely see locals out enjoying the sun rather than tourists which gives a totally different vibe as you can imagine. Mal Pas Playa is near Old Town and is a much smaller and quieter beach than both of the other two so there you have your choices.

Those that want to learn more about the local culture should head to the Museum of Agriculture. Here you can learn how the locals survived and farmed in the past giving you a new appreciation for modern farm equipment. There is also the Sea Cultural Centre that provides a great opportunity to learn about the previous old quiet fishing village. Or why not take in the modern culture by heading to the Benidorm Market that happens every Sunday, don't forget to check out the enormous selection of leather items and Spanish tablecloths.

Having a good nightlife is important for many that want to let their hair down for a few nights. The Old Town is a quieter area located in the centre of Benidorm. It makes for a great place to have a few drinks while laying back and relaxing. The more upbeat clubs lie on the outer parts of the city. In 'The Square' you can find live performances there every night throughout the week.

If you are heading on a family vacation, Sunmaster has a great list of recommendations of places to go in Benidorm. Aqualandia is a large waterpark full of new and exciting rides, swimming slides and a jacuzzi for the adults to laze about in. There is also the well intentioned Noah's Ark, which consists of rescued animals taken from owners that mistreated them. There is no admission fee but donations are encouraged for such a worthy cause. Mundomar is a zoo and marine show that has a wide range of exotic animals such as prairie dogs and lemurs which will keep the whole family entertained.

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