Sun Worship on a Tenerife Holiday

Want to visit the Canary Islands for a beach holiday? On the southwest of Spain, you'll find Tenerife, which is the perfect place to go for basking in the sun and enjoying a piña colada.

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South of the island is the place for those who want warmer and drier weather; the best resorts are Playa de las Americas and Los Cristianos, both in Costa Adeje.

Playa de las Americas is a premier holiday resort where you'll find several black sand beaches (Tenerife being a volcanic island), and an artificial beach with white sand, which was imported from the African Sahara. Nearby is the famous Veronica’s Strip, the centre of nightlife in Tenerife; it has various bars, clubs, and discos in all 5 buildings. You might find the place rowdy, but it's still a great area to grab some drinks and food for an enjoyable summer evening. Recommended spots here are O’Neil’s and Sound of Cream; also close by is Starco Commercial Centre which is also packed with fast food joints and bars. Visit Tramps, “The King of Clubs,” and dance the night away; it frequently hosts world-famous acts, like Hed Kandi, DJ Spoony, and Judge Jules.

Between the beaches and Los Cristianos, you can find an 18-hole golf course, so bring your clubs and whack that white ball around.

At Los Cristianos, a small resort town in Tenerife, you'll find 2 beaches: Playa de Los Cristianos, the main beach which is protected by the harbour, and Las Vistas, which is man-made and sheltered by breakwaters. In both places, you can do watersports, play beach volleyball, or work on your tan. Throughout the town you'll find various restaurants, small shopping malls, and chain supermarkets to cater for your every need.

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