Year Round Sun Seeker Holidays

If you want to escape from the grey and dull skies of Britain, then there are a multitude of destinations that can offer year-round sun. Here are some locations for great sun seeker holidays.

Sharm El Sheikh is famous for the almost constant sunshine it receives year-round. Located on the coast of the Red Sea and surrounded by the Sinai desert, Sharm El Sheikh sizzles with heat, and is the perfect place to lie out in the sun and work on that tan. Popular beach resorts here include the Tropicana Grand Azure Resort, the Jaz Mirabel Beach and the Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort and Spa. Flights to this Egyptian sun spot are available from numerous U.K. airports.

Goa's tropical appeal also means it scores highly with sun seeker holidays. The best time to visit Goa is between November and March, while travellers should avoid visiting in the summer, which is the monsoon season. This makes Goa a perfect place for those seeking a bit of sun to ease the winter blues.

Closer to home, Cyprus has year round sunshine but also history, culture and easy access. The island, split between Greek and Turkish zones, is a good bet for budget sun seekers, with holidays ran by First Choice available from as little as £213. Larnaca in particular, with its rocky coves and sandy shores, is popular with families.

Elsewhere in Europe, Benidorm is a cheap and cheerful alternative that remains a key destination for tourists of all ages. Located in the heart of the Costa Blanca, so named for its pristine white beaches, Benidorm has a familiar feel, with English widely spoken, and people from around Britain owning second homes in the vicinity. Package holidays to Benidorm are amazingly cheap, many coming in at around the £140 mark per person through websites such as Deal Checker.

So what is stopping you embarking on your sun seeker holiday? Pack up your sun tan lotion, sunglasses and flip-flops and get out there.

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