Check out Super Sun Holidays from Ireland in 2011

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Start reading and keep reading if you want to know all there is to know about sun holidays from Ireland in 2011. Whether your budget is generous or frugal know from Ireland you can fly to all corners of the world and on all types of holidays - be it a cultural city break for two or an adventure packed sun holiday in the Sahara you'll find everything you need to know here.

Europe: Ireland is so well connected and you can fly at pretty much anytime to pretty much anywhere in Europe. Top city breaks for sun holidays from Ireland include romantic Rome, bustling Barcelona and mesmeric Munich. All of these cities can be accessed via air from as cheap as €19.99 return once you book your tickets in advance. Trip Advisor - the travelers' review site will lead you to all the best hotels in the cities and all within your specific budget guidelines.

Barcelona offers the Olympic village - only a cable car ride away, an antique fairground on a cliff, beautiful beaches and fabulous markets. Rome will let you take in all of the wonderful architecture of the Romans as well as cold gelati on a sizzling hot day. Munich's summer temperatures reach well into the thirties and so a walk along the river Danube will surely cool you down.

For a more relaxing sun holiday you can choose from a multitude of travel agents for the perfect package sun holiday. You have the refreshing Canary Islands to choose from not to mention Morocco or Egypt. You can also explore the coasts of Portugal and Spain and soak up the rays as you lay on the warm sand and listen to the lapping waters. Venturing into France you go camping by a lake at the bottom of the Alps or take a cycling holiday in La Rochelle.

All of these holidays are perfect for everyone - families, couples or the lone traveller. So start exploring your options for sun holidays from Ireland 2011 now.


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