Sun drenched beach holidays in Italy

Italy is in the privileged position of being surrounded by the Mediterranean on all sides and as such has some incredible beaches to choose for your next holiday. We have rounded up some real gems on the mainland and on the islands of Sicily and Sardiniato give you plenty of food for thought when booking your next getaway.

    Triante2009 - Wikimedia

Cala Goloritze - Sardinia

In what can only be described as a Caribbean-esque setting, Cala Goloritze beach in Sardinia that requires a little bit of imagination to reach. With no roads leading here you will have to trek a little over an hour or else arrive by boat. Either way you will be glad you made the effort as the little beach has gorgeous turquoise water so make sure to bring your snorkelling gear!

Isola Bella Beach - Sicily

Isola Bella is a tiny island just off the coast of Sicily and it is home to a beautiful rocky beach that has the potential to take your breath away. It really is no surprise that the island's name translates as "beautiful island" with clear blue water which is perfect for a dip.

La Feniglia - Tuscany

If you are a walker who loves to tackle a beach that stretches for miles and miles then La Feniglia in Tuscany is just the place for you to visit. An expansive 5 miles of white sand awaits you and once you have walked your feet off you can rent a sun umbrella and relax for the rest of the day.

Tropea - Calabria

This white sandy beach is located right by Tropea town which dangles on beautiful and photogenic white cliffs. Great for relaxing and swimming, the beach has a nice balance of locals and visitors year round. It is also a photographer's dream with plenty of photo opportunities of the shore from the streets above.

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