Top International Destinations for Summer Holidays 2011

Well, the summer is just about over and it is time to take a look back at what international destinations were the top ones for summer holidays in 2011. Needless to say, summer is the most popular time to travel for families and students; moreover, the great summer weather makes traveling all the more worthwhile.

Many travel websites and travel guide companies often put out a list on the top spots for summer holidays. For summer holidays in 2011, Lonely Planet, Expedia, Kayak and others all posted what they thought were the most exciting combinations for travel destinations. This review of the top international spots for summer holidays during 2011 will mention the top spots by country name because the international travel is too large to focus on specific areas.

Thailand: Thailand, known for its marvelous beaches, welcoming people and great food, makes the list. Thailand was popular for 2011 summer holidays because it combines budget travel with luxury amenities. Flights from the UK to Bangkok in the 2011 summer were not that expensive either.

Cyprus: Of course Cyprus makes the list. This country is relaxing and has the perfect combination of a vibrant culture and beautiful beaches.

America: While not the cheapest of travel options, America makes the list because of the diversity of places to go. The summer of 2011 saw many UK families and travelers head to the States for a vacation. And it's just a (short-ish) flight across the Atlantic away.

China: With the economic rise of China, more and more travelers from the UK have started to come here to see what this mysterious country is all about. From Beijing to Tibet, China has five thousand years of history to see and offers everything, from big cities to remote countryside.

Italy: Italy is one of the most popular destinations for UK because of its close proximity to UK and its great cities. Rome, Venice and Milan are all must-sees. Southern Italy is also remarkable. Italy makes the list as one the best European destinations for summer holidays in 2011.

Brazil: This is another country that is rising economically and many travelers came here in the summer of 2011 to experience Brazilian culture and enjoy the country's breathtaking beauty.

Malaysia: This travel destination represented the best bang for your money in 2011. For your next trip, try this: land in Kuala Lumpur and spend two weeks cruising around the country. You will have a blast.

Turkey: A country with a lot of history and great people, Turkey also makes the list. Flights from UK to Istanbul were not too high for the summer of 2011 either.







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