Summer Festival with the Simpsons!

Most of All Tomorrow’s Parties consciously fan-friendly events are curated by a pop-cultural figure or influential band or musician. The Simpsons creator Matt Groening is curating this event – expect an awful lot of yellow! Mixed with the Hi-De-Hi Red Cot red as the organisers seem to like holding the events at Pontin’s or Butlins holiday camps. Most peculiar.

But then add to the mix the line-up; Iggy the Stooges, Spiritualized, Joanna Newsom, Panda Bear, The XX, She Him, Hope Sandoval Warm Inventions, Liars, to name but a few, and you’ve got a hell of a psychedelic experience, and this time round the drugs won’t be necessary.

The festival goers will be mixed but mostly eclectically- minded lovers of experimental but not necessarily inaccessible bands and musicians.

Accommodation is limited to small camping pitches and chalets of the Hi-de-Hi! variety. ‘Morning Campers’ is just what you need to hear first thing to forget you have a hangover.

Minehead is easily accessible from Bristol and Exeter. For those coming from across the water, Ryanair flies to Bristol from Dublin, Belfast, Knock and Shannon, Ryanair.

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